Commissionable Soul Artwork

Soul Reflectors are channeled works of Art designed to amplify your transformation, Intention, and Manifestation…

Provide healing on life’s journey, Commemorate Transformation,
Remember a Loved One, Celebrate Success and Abundance, Integrate Growth, Release Blocks,
Connect back to your Power, Increase Creativity and Joy.

Hung in a window or lighted space, Soul Reflectors serve as a sparkly, powerful reminder of who you are and what you are capable of.

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How Soul Reflectors Are Created

 Each Soul Reflector is custom-channeled and uniquely designed for your Soul Message. It is based on a Soul Interview with you – and on Intuitive Insights.

The artwork is created using break-resistant plexiglass, glass and beads, and the highest quality healing crystals and pigments. The sun and moon light shine through the art, empowering your Intention.

Along with the artwork, you receive:

-An Intuitive Soul Reading

-A Guide to the meanings and messages in your Soul Reflector

– A recorded Soul Talk mp3 for your listening, to more fully empower your intention.


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Liz Lautrup


Liz Lautrup is your guide and art co-creator in the Empowered Sun Catcher process. She is passionate about working one-on-one with people on intention-setting and personal transformation, and she is a professional Fine Artist for 20 years. She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Fine Art, and has been trained in Reiki, Enneagram, Meditation, Tarot and Oracle readings, and Divining. She has been through illness, and difficult times, and has created much personal transformation in her own life through these tools, and is committed to her own continual growth and finding joy every day- what life is all about.

She has found a way to blend her passions and expertise to serve personal transformation. This process of creating with glass, beads and crystals came to her through many deep meditations during the COVID-19 lockdown and she is grateful for this guidance to such fulfilling and powerful work.

Liz lives in the foothills of Colorado with her husband, and rescue doggie, Pogo.

The beautiful sun catcher Liz made for me hangs in my office and sacred space and when the sun shines through it, and through the crystals and stones, I imagine it radiating the energy it holds, imbuing my room with its power, pulling me towards my desires and dreams.

My Intention was based on a deep dive discussion with Liz, and intuitive reading. It’s made from elements to amplify my strengths and gifts and invoke all that I’m calling into my life. It turned out even more beautifully than I imagined.

Jill P.

What I loved so much about the Empowered Sun Catcher process and working with Liz is that we got to chat about my mom, who was so very special to me and my girls. Liz intuitively knew my mom’s favorite colors and stone, so when I look at the sun catcher it makes me feel connected to my mom I feel her and hear her when she told me “I will always be with you.” The elements provide me with a comfort, grounding, warm reminders and a sense of her being all around me. Liz listened intently, connected and created so beautifully and meaningfully. I found this to be a vital part of my grief journey.

I look forward to gifting this to others.

Deanna H.

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