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About the Process

Meeting One

we get to know each other, chat about your childhood, current life, hopes, and dreams, and challenges. This meeting is usually a little over an hour and can take place in person, over the phone or via Skype.


Brigantia convenes with your angels and guides to discover potential messages for you. This process usually takes about a week. You do not need to do anything during this time.

Meeting Two

You and Liz meet to discuss the messages and how the discoveries relate to you. This meeting is usually a half an hour to 45 minutes, and can take place in person, over the phone or via Skype.


Brigantia and Liz create in the studio, with guidance from your guides and angels.


You receive the following:

(one) a Letter from the Universe with your message to help you on your soul’s journey,

(two) a painting embedded with symbols of your messages, for a daily, deep, spiritual reminder of your soul’s desires,

(three) a list of mantras you can recite to add even more power to your messages.

(four) a discussion with Liz about your messages and how they are symbolized in your painting. This can take place in person or via phone or Skype.

Note, if you are further than 1 hour drive away from Liz’s residence, all materials may be mailed to you.

Liz is an artist, intuitive guide, wife, mother of two, and devoted dog and nature-lover, residing in the beautiful foothills of Colorado.

She has known she was highly sensitive since she was a small child, growing up enraptured in Nature’s beauty, and has been creating artwork as her own therapy to process deep feelings since then.

Over the years, she has studied many forms of creativity, art, psychology, environmental science, training, and landscape architecture. After a series of health issues, which have taught her profound patience, and gratefulness, she began a practice of meditation, and pursued modes of energy work and alternative medicine. She truly believes that health problems are often a message from the soul, and an initiation into transformation. Liz is Reiki II certified, has practiced Reiki on the terminally-ill, and has had an Integrative Nutrition counseling practice. As a professional artist, since 2012, she has placed her organic and abstract works of art in many homes, and businesses across the US.

Perhaps most transformative in Liz’s life have been her experiences with angels, which began many years ago. She continues to work with them several times a week as they provide love and protection. They are such a connection between many religious traditions.

Through many years of her soul journey, she has received the message that her purpose is to use her sensitivities and empathic nature to help others tune in to their soul’s purpose- to move closer to God, Spirit, and enlightened living on this earth. She received a powerful guide, Brigantia, for this purpose.


This process of working on a spiritual level, tuning in to information that can help you, feeds me and brings me the greatest joy.

About Intuitive Guidance

I believe each of us has a beautiful and pure soul that is part of the “one source” and that each of our souls has been given a physical self to fulfill a unique role in the world – this earthly plane.

Your soul wants you to fulfill your soul’s destiny but is never forceful, preferring to operate in subtle ways that are often difficult for us to perceive, unless we do some work to tune in to it. And because the soul has no concept of time, as we experience it in this earthly plane, it is enduringly patient.

When given permission (from you and your soul), I receive messages from your soul/a greater source/God/Spirit. I work best with Spirit when I am physically by myself, using tools such as Tarot cards and a divining rod, along with Reiki, Meditation and visualizations. Based on our conversations, I ask your soul, and your angels and guides, to join me in my studio to help gain clarity about how you might best proceed in different arenas, what your greatest gifts are, and how to create a painting that speaks to you. I only receive information with your soul’s permission and only receive information that is for the best and highest good of all those involved.

Through Brigantia Life Spark Painting, Liz is melding her love of creating abstract artwork with a passion for working one-on-one with others towards enlightenment.

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